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Frances Ha – Nashville Arts Magazine Review
 Rating: 4/5 (Stars, etc.)Friendship and self-discovery are two of the most powerful themes in motion pictures. It is the desire to discover not only who we really are, but who are friends are, that takes us to the movies. We fall in love with characters who share our plights and our characteristics in this life.Recently, Nashville had the pleasure of screening Frances Ha at the Belcourt Theater, much to the excitement of a crowd full of theater attendees. Directed by Noah Baumbach, the indie gem tells the story of Frances, an aspiring dancer who is caught in the awkward place of being older than her friends, but being less mature. After her best friend Sophie falls in love and moves away, Frances is forced to examine her own life and figure out her path to happiness.

There’s an awkward charm to this film, and not just in the fashion that Greta Gerwig finds her way into the audience’s collective heart. The film seeks to explore the social depths of growing pains, with both the friends that Frances loses and gains. You find that many of her friends are looking to explore the arts in some fashion (through literature, music, television, etc.), and you can’t help but realize that each one of these people is trying to find out who they are through their careers and creative voices. Much like the late-bloomer Frances, all of her friends are trying to “grow up” while avoiding the pitfalls of guilt and failure.

It’s a sweet story because of how funny and silly the film can be in one scene, and the next providing an examination into the loneliness and isolation felt by those with the biggest smiles and the loudest laughs. It also serves as a memento that a great friendship is a tough thing to replace, despite career successes or personal achievements.

Frances Ha is exemplary in what alternatives independent cinema can provide to the world of comedy. It’s a unique movie with a lot of laughs that lead through the character study of a lost soul into an enriching experience.

After the Belcourt’s screening of the film, Greta Gerwig provided the audience with a “Q&A” session via Skype, letting audience members ask her questions both personal and about the film, an opportunity few other theaters in the area are able to provide. This is why the Belcourt is one of my favorite theaters.

Check out the links below for both the Belcourt’s schedule, as well as the schedule for Frances Ha to keep up with screenings and the latest news from the film.

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