The Gray Umbrella, LLC is the Creative Arts Studio of Aaron and Michelle Grayum, a collaborating husband/wife-artist/designer team operating in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our passion is to inspire the inner child, collaborate with dreamers, and support those in need through art and design, because we believe that the inner child in all of us, when set free, has the power to change the world.

The collaborative artworks of Aaron and Michelle Grayum blend a lively whimsy with serene sophistication. Acrylics, cut paper, charcoal, and other mixed media elements add a level of depth and texture to their quirky, hand-drawn birds, boats, umbrellas, and other colorfully charming subject matter inspired by the part of themselves that in some ways is still six years old.

Local husband and wife artists Aaron and Michelle Grayum will bring their collaborative visions of umbrellas, balloons and elephants to Hillsboro Village with their UpLift Art Show at Fido. The artists will be on hand for an informal opening reception on Saturday, December 21, 2013 from 6-8pm.

At this reception, they will be honoring the memory of

friend and artist Billy Williams by partnering with Artists As One to collect art supplies for donation to the children of Rancho de Sus Niños, an orphanage in Tecate, Mexico. Additionally, 25% of all sales from the entire show will be donated to Artists As One for purchase of further supplies for the children. UpLift will run through February 4th.

Rancho de Sus Niños began in 1987 as a small orphanage, and now houses more than seventy five children in six homes, including the new Libertad/Billy house. They have grown to include a daycare center, two elementary schools, an inner-city youth center in Tijuana and more. The orphan children who end up at Rancho have often experienced tragic, unimaginable trauma and are encouraged to create art as a means of therapy and worship to facilitate the expression of feelings that can’t be put into words. Billy Williams discovered over several mission trips that the children were wanting to make art, but couldn’t afford supplies. An artist himself, and someone who understood the reality of depression personally, Billy created the entity Artists As One to gather needed supplies from the community to send to the children. Regrettably, last year, Billy Williams lost his battle with depression. Aaron and Michelle hope this exhibition will raise awareness and help the children Billy was so dedicated to serving take a small step toward healing.

Fido is located in Hillsboro Village at 1812 21st Ave, South.

For more information contact the artists at :

615.618.3387 or

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