Guest editorial by Jacob Blaze


I began working on the pieces for “Quiet Stories” not knowing exactly what I would create. Since my last large body of work, I had the joy of becoming both a husband and a father, so naturally, my world looked entirely different, and I was very curious to see how such major life changes would come out in my work. I began these pieces open to new ideas and materials, incorporating spray paint for the first time in several years and experimenting with textures, colors, and compositions. I worked without a specific goal in mind. Instead, I focused on creating truthfully and let that guide the work.



While working on these pieces, I attended another artist reception at Style House, and seeing the space in person got me very excited to show there. It’s not uncommon for a business to show art, but very few do so as intentionally. Owner Lee Wright designed the facility with plans to show work from local artists, and the result is a beautiful space that is functional as a salon while also wonderful for viewing art. Later, when I joined curators Aaron and Michelle Grayum to hang “Quiet Stories,” the feel of the room changed as we added each piece, as the work had space to breathe and speak.

Destination 3



As I worked, a theme of journeying began to show itself in the paintings, along with a narrative quality that I hadn’t seen before in my work, leading me to use some titles influenced by seafaring voyages and the like. Yet framing this voyaging and changing was a sense of rest. Calm compositions, subdued colors, and repeating patterns gave the work a meditative quality, an encouragement to look closer and notice small details in the midst of larger elements. This was a night’s rest in a boat at sea, a tent in the middle of the desert; a place to stop, reflect, and be present before continuing on a journey.



Whether I’m experiencing a rich, rewarding voyage or have embarked on a difficult and stress-filled pilgrimage, I’ve found that I need quiet places to rest and be present, to reflect, to pray. Our culture is noisy; our typical American lives, busy. Quiet places are where we shelter and set course.

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Artist’s Reception on Friday, May 9th, 2014 from 5:30–7:30pm at Style House Salon, 3202 Belmont Blvd, suite C

A portion of sales from the show will be donated to Locks of Love, an organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children.

The gallery at Style House Salon is curated by The Gray Umbrella. For more information about the show, contact The Gray Umbrella at 615.618.3387or

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