Early this year the Arts & Business Council launched Periscope: Artist Entrepreneur Training, an intensive program that prepares working artists to manage the business aspects of their creative endeavors, so that they are poised for success as their careers blossom. Hosted at the Entrepreneur Center, Periscope offers artists access to professional development, entrepreneurial resources, and mentors. Through small group work, they are able to share best practices with a community of interdisciplinary peers.

Limited to 25 artists, Periscope includes practitioners of all artistic genres from Nashville and its surrounding counties. Over the next five months, Nashville Arts Magazine will introduce you to this year’s Periscope class. For more information on Periscope, visit www.abcnashville.org.

Jas Taylor | Periscope Dance Music

Jas Taylor is a dancer, DJ, and founding director of iJam, an educational dance program that also serves the Mayor’s after-school initiative Nashville Afterschool Zone Alliance (NAZA). Jas focuses on offering positive entertainment that connects with people of all ages in a variety of commercial and private settings.

From energizing “get up and dance” sessions at companies that want to provide a fun and energetic outlet for their employees, to working with inner city youth and honing their dance skills, his talent lies in bringing a positive, fun atmosphere to any environment.

Jas is currently raising money to pay for dance classes for his iJam students and hopes to open a studio where he can train dancers and DJs. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/iJam615.

Photograph by Sarah Berry

Photograph by Sarah Berry

Erin Herb | Jewelry

A certified interior designer, Erin has been making jewelry since she was in the sixth grade. Erin draws inspiration from her design background, her Choctaw heritage, fashion, film, and everyday objects. Though she’s had an online store for some time, it wasn’t until two years ago that she quit her full-time job to focus solely on her jewelry business, Rin Juel.

Erin wanted to get into Periscope because she had never taken business courses and didn’t think she had any entrepreneurial skills. Through the program, she feels she has “grown leaps and bounds in a short period of time.” Periscope is giving her a different perspective on how to think strategically and how to market her business. For more information, visit www.rinjuel.com.

Amanda Valentine | Fashion

Amanda Valentine is the founder of VALENTINE VALENTINE, a Nashville-based clothing and accessory collection. Though she went to school for fashion design, she ended up as a professional stylist and has had success with projects for CMT, Verizon Wireless, The Cadillac Three, and Motley Crue.

In 2012 she filmed Season 11 of Project Runway, and even though she had been designing on the side, the experience made her pursue design more aggressively, and her label really started to take off. Voted by Project Runway fans to return for Season 13, Amanda has her hands full filming and growing her line.

Amanda’s clothing designs center on contrasts and bring together seemingly dissonant ideas in concept, color, and texture. For more information, visit www.amandavalentine.com.


Photograph by Robbie Quinn

Sharon Koltick | Music

Sharon is the lead figure—singer, songwriter, bassist, and trumpet player—of rock band Kink Ador. Her group recently released their first radio single “Hold on Tight” from the upcoming album Set Me Free produced by Ken Coomer and recorded in Nashville. A proud rock’n’roller, Koltick was influenced by bands such as The Talking Heads, The Police, Lou Reed, The Clash, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, and Nick Cave.

Periscope has given Sharon an avenue for connecting with other artists who are facing similar issues. As her career has progressed, she has had to build a team to help with management, musicians, and publicity. Through Periscope she is learning how to manage her business. For more information, visit www.kinkador.com.

Photograph by Tyler Blankenship

Photograph by Tyler Blankenship

Rhendi Greenwell | Film/Visual Art

A Film graduate of Watkins College of Art, Design & Film, Rhendi Greenwell’s work, recognized by the Appalachian Film Festival, celebrates the accidental and idiosyncratic nature of life. Since graduation, Rhendi’s work has evolved, and she is shifting towards conceptual visual art.

Rhendi explained that her Periscope mentor, Caroline Allison, has  “been amazing and very present. She’s been a game changer for me.” Recently Caroline went with Rhendi to view the space for her upcoming exhibition and was inspirational in helping Rhendi envision the presentation of her work.

The 1954 Eames Collection opens at Alfred Williams & Company on September 4 and features large-format images printed on white rag paper. Her imagery originates from the Eames 1954 film titled S-73. For more information, visit www.rhendi.com.

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