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10 futuristic balcony designs that are out of this world

For those living in busy cities where green space is at a minimum, a balcony is a great alternative. Whilst there are many publications boasting ideas for maximising your outdoor areas, often information on how to create a stylish balcony is in far shorter supply. A cleverly designed balcony not only adds value to your property, but provides a peaceful sanctuary in which to escape from a hectic lifestyle.

Whether you want a balcony space that will provide an outdoor area for working, a space to grow your flowers and herbs or simply hope to add some character to the exterior of your property, it pays to do your homework.

If you are considering structural work, always consult a professional before you begin as they will be able to advise you on the best materials to use and bring your plans in to line with industry standards. It’s also a good idea to find exterior design specialists with advice on how to use furnishings to make the most of any available space and natural light – after all you want your balcony to be as fun as it is functional! To get those creative ideas flowing, read on as we share ten of our favourite futuristic balcony designs.

1 Modern glass balconies with sliding French doors are a great way to add futuristic drama to any outdoor space. Powerfully contemporary, the ingenious use of glass panels exhibited in this design would work well in the dull English climate, by capturing and bouncing the sunlight to create a bright and eye-catching façade.

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Widening the entrance from your home to your balcony as in the design above is another great way to give your outdoor space a futuristic feel. By increasing the size of the arch, you will invite more light in to your home and increase the feeling of room outside.

3This dramatic balcony design is taken from a property in Istanbul. Not only visually arresting but perfectly designed to ensure you have an outside retreat no matter what the weather, by covering over part of the balcony these clever residents have created a cosy, sheltered space protected from the elements without missing out on the sunlight.

4This futuristic design works because of its simplicity. Using a man-made material like metal to pick up on the natural silhouettes of the forest behind creates a sense of the surreal, adding much needed impact to the design. This balcony creates a wonderful sense of drama amidst the green and natural backdrop of the property’s surroundings.

5Another great way to bring your urban space up to date is by creating a utopian paradise on your balcony. By carefully arranging an array of potted plants and containers, the designers have been able to establish a sense of depth by playing on the illusion of scale. This seemingly spacious retreat adds another dimension to the domestic space which can be enjoyed no matter what the season.

6This balcony design is particularly powerful because of the contrast between the simplicity of the materials used to build it and the elaborate nature of the plants. The basic build may not be all that exciting but the foliage does all the design work by creating a fab focal point. Integrating colourful tropical plants into your design might be high maintenance but creates a stunning futuristic paradise which will transform with every season.

7The designers of this balcony have used a staggered glass façade to create drama and intrigue. This theatrical accent is a great trick to create a quirky contemporary feel miles away from the uniformity of traditional exterior design. Better yet, the frosting on the glass means you can relax in a private and secluded space.

8This beautiful balcony design capitalises on natural textures and colours to create an idyllic and cloistered retreat. By exposing the natural brickwork and growing vines down the balcony’s supporting panels, this unusual and fantastical design would create a strikingly futuristic feel if recreated in the middle of an urban sprawl.

9Whilst this balcony design might not be for everyone, there is no denying that it creates an amazing talking point. By splitting the outdoor space in to different zones, breaking up the balcony with raised seating, using a range of different materials and a water feature the designer has made a Japanese water garden in the sky.

10This incredible balcony design manages to effectively add another functioning room to the property. The fabric ceiling not only provides protection but serves to create irresistibly soft acoustics. Boasting comfortable seating, an array of soft furnishings, plants and wooden trellis, the designers have produced a highly contemporary tented retreat.

Author Bio: 
Francesca Holmes is a writer and editor for Stainless Handrail Systems. When not on a mission to bring high-end architecture to the masses, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors.

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