Zio Ziegler’s Latest Graffiti Creation

by Éva Boros

For the past two years a sleek, contemporary white house on the corner of Harding and Jackson in Belle Meade has been the topic of discussion in Nashville’s art community. Each year the homeowners hire street artists to paint murals on the front of the house. This year, they turned to art consultants Brian Greif and Tova Lobatz to select the artist.

“We had two goals in mind,” said Greif. “We wanted an artist who would be respectful of the venue, while also bringing something fresh and unique to Nashville.”

With those goals in mind, Greif and Lobatz invited San Francisco-based artist Zio Ziegler to paint the Harding-Jackson wall. Ziegler has become one of the most sought-after muralists in the world. With commissions for murals this year in Japan, Italy, and Argentina, Ziegler is continuously establishing himself as a respected painter and artist in the international street-art community.

Heavily influenced by graffiti, Ziegler does not preplan his murals. He uses intuition fed peripherally by the elements of his surroundings to spontaneously create.

“I never sketch my murals in advance. I like to get a feel for the wall, and then I just begin painting,” added Ziegler. He sized up the Harding-Jackson wall and in a matter of minutes sketched out the elaborate composition of his iconic symbols, human forms and a rooster. Continuing free handed, he added bold yellows, reds, and turquoise to the wall.

Cars slowed down to give a thumbs-up, while spectators filled the front lawn of the house. Ziegler began detailing the mural with amazing speed, completing the project in two days.  The result is a stunning black-on-yellow mural depicting “human goals, dreams, and the search for the golden egg.”

“The goal of this project,” added Greif, “is to initiate conversation about art in Nashville. We hope we have achieved that goal, and we hope the city appreciates this gift from Zio.”

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/outside734  and www.zioziegler.com.

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