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Art Classes on Demand

by Wendy Wilson | Photography by Wendy House

People in today’s fast-paced world are used to getting things in a hurry. Juli Schumann is happy to cater to them, if it means she can help others discover their creative side.

Schumann runs an art studio on wheels that travels to students instead of requiring them to travel to her. Her business is called Art Moves, and it’s housed in a 1968 Metro Mite van, filled with the materials needed to teach a variety of art classes at schools, parties, workshops, and special events. The van even has a name, Pearl, chosen in a contest Schumann ran on Facebook.

“What I want to do is bring connection and playfulness to people,” Schumann says.

A native of Minneapolis, Schumann moved to Nashville in 1997 after working in New York City as a clay instructor and studio manager. Before starting a family, she worked for a few years as an associate professor of fine art at O’More College of Design in Franklin. She then founded a home-based art studio for kids and adults, which became Art Moves in 2011.

Schumann used her 1994 Chevy Tahoe for Art Moves while restoring the 1968 vintage van. International Harvester made Metro vans from 1938 through 1975, and they were commonly used as milk and bakery delivery trucks.

The inside of the van is for storage only, though students can walk in and get materials as needed. Schumann provides a pop-up tent, tables, and seating for outside the van. Events are generally held outside, but the van can be brought indoors.

While she feels most at home with art clay and oil painting, Schumann gives her students the chance to try making a variety of things, including sculptures with recyclables and artwork featuring items from nature, such as feathers, shells, and twigs.

“I like to do all the prep myself,” she says. “The whole process is a creative expression for me. I’m creating an experience for people, and all the details are important.”

Jana Albritton is one of Schumann’s biggest fans. Her children were art students at Schumann’s home studio, and they stayed involved when the studio turned mobile.

“We have art displayed all over our house that has been created under her guidance,” Albritton says. “She always has so many different projects and media to choose from.”

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