By Jessica Martin

Just last month on Valentine’s Day, classical-crossover artist, Nathan Pacheco, released his second studio album. Nathan Pacheco II showcases Pacheco’s talent, but

also his love for many different forms of music.

Pacheco’s unique style is what sets him apart from many classical singers today. “I’m trying to figure that out every day,” said Pacheco in reference to his particular genre of music.

“Honestly, I’m a mutt.”

Songs like “Oceano” can be considered pop, but there is no mistaking “Ave Maria” for anything but classical. Working on the album with four different producers brought many different songs to the final draft, a process Pacheco described to be “unpredictable.” The album features original works but also song covers such as “Sonera,” which was originally featured on Thomas Bergersen’s album, Illusions, released in 2011. Nathan Pacheco II is a conglomeration of his expansive grasp of music, which is crafted into his very own genre.

This crossover element of the genre has drawn audiences to Pacheco’s music and has allowed for him to perform with the likes of the National Symphony Orchestra as well as have his own PBS Special. “It [my music] has the strength and emotion of classical but with the accessibility of pop,” said Pacheco. With these two extremes meeting in the middle, an international fan base has formed, whose loyalty can be seen in the $49,000 he was able to raise on Kickstarter when he needed to record and promote his album.

With an international fan base, Pacheco has performed in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and the U.K. He yearns to continue performing around the world, eventually making it to greater parts of Europe and eventually Asia and Brazil. “I want to continue to connect to people through music and be immersed in different cultures,” said Pacheco.

And though he once had a “magical experience” performing in the Royal Albert Hall while on tour with Katherine Jenkins, he is happy to call Nashville his home. About 3 years ago, he moved from Los Angeles to Nashville. Alongside hopes of traveling more of the world, Pacheco wants to continue calling Nashville home. He has a great love for our culture, especially the food and the great love for music. After traveling to many countries and becoming fluent in more than three languages, Pacheco proclaims, “I just love Nashville,” finding a permanent home in the Music City.


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