Self Portrait with Projection

Self Portrait with Projection

My name is Sharyn Ashley Bachleda and I am a multi-media fine artist, photographer, and collector. I find interest in the recollection process and how we are able to filter and transcend our experiences to archives for later retrieval. Journeys, habits, memories, collections, and choices can serve as a pivotal process in how we experience the world. The things we encounter in our daily life become collections for our brain to process, as well as the physical archives and artifacts accumulated along the way.

In this series of work my intent is to bring awareness to the inconsistencies in the recollection process of memory and challenge its authenticity by constructing and manipulating relationships through photography, video, and object-relations. I’m interested in calling attention to real vs. fabricated remembrance by juxtaposing photographs with objects/relics. The work is reacting to ideas concerning identity, culture, materiality and the contrast between the physical and mental residue imposed upon the body and mind. It embodies what is absent, preserved, processed and collected in everyday life.


Sharyn Bachleda, Untitled (Interruption)

This work is not concerned with informing a constructed narrative; in fact, I’m more interested in letting the viewer make their own out of the remnants, deconstructed from their original intent: isolated, confused and vague. I’m not interested in the work claiming answers but rather posing new questions to open up a broader discussion. My exhibition Extracted Relics will consist of photography, time based media, collage, found objects, and a film will be screened in the Watkins theater on a loop for the duration of the show. I identify with aspects of my work but it becomes equally about the viewer and the nature of the medium’s function in society, art and culture.

Sleeping Giant Mountain 1998

Sharyn Bachleda, Sleeping Giant Mountain 1998

I’ll be showing with Sharon Stewart who’s graduating with her BFA in Photography whereas I’m graduating with my BFA in Fine Art. Working with her is interesting because we share similar approaches to memory, although her work is further concerned with the psychology of domestic spaces, hence her title Perpetual Dream Home. Her work will consist of video, sound, photography, stop-motion and installation. I’m thankful to have been paired with her and I am excited to be able to work with someone who is already well established in the art community here in Nashville!


Watkins College of Art, Design & Film continues Spring 2015 BFA Thesis Exhibitions with a Thursday, April 9 opening by Sharyn Bachleda and Sharon Stewart. After a reception from 5:30 to 8 p.m., the work will remain on display in the Brownlee O. Currey, Jr. Gallery through April 20.

For more information visit Watkins online.

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