Beneath the City, Oil on wood, 20” x 22”

Beneath the City, Oil on wood, 20” x 22”

The Arts Company • June 6–26

Charles Keiger’s newest series of paintings entertains and engages with a curious cast of characters set in dramatic and dreamy scenarios. Real-world things—people, animals, trees, and buildings—are staged in a meticulously incongruous fashion, prompting us to wonder if there is narrative, or if we create our own story?

“Painting is an illusion, and I like adding layers of illusion to the painting. How many can I add? I keep wondering if I can add another. This is fun to me, and I think it keeps the viewers interested too. If I am engaged and the viewer has patience, they will begin to see things, find pieces of the puzzle, and I like that. I like to keep humor in it. That’s important to me because we’re all just playing on this stage. I want to create a space for the viewer to enjoy being in,” Keiger explains.

While Keiger gives his audience all kinds of rich things to look at and creates unique and fantastical scenarios, he’s not going to tell you what to feel. He leaves the interpretations up to the observer.

“He has a boldly theatrical tableaux, very sparse and clean. His work is fun to look at, and it seems a little crazy. It is the kind of work that you want to go back and see again and again, because you are going to discover something else. His work is like life; it is never going to resolve itself,” Anne Brown, owner of The Arts Company, comments.

Charles Keiger—Thinking Theatrically opens with a reception at The Arts Company on June 6 during the First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown. The exhibition is on view through June 26. For more, visit

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