Consumptive Conspiction 2014 metal, paint, plastic shopping bags, retail display hangers

Plastic shopping bags and retail display hangers are not your typical artistic media. But adding a bit of metal and paint, the Staple Goods Collective Members—Elizabeth Chen, Aaron Collier, William DePauw, Anne C. Nelson, Jack Niven, and Cynthia Scott—create unique and striking artwork with the unexpected. This piece, Consumptive Conspiction, and many of these artists’ other works will be on display at COOP Gallery as part of an exchange project with Staple Goods, a New Orleans based gallery dedicated to keeping contemporary art relevant and available to their community. Staple Goods seeks to support artists who strive to adapt their work to their changing environment and personal philosophies.

Fair Trade: Recent Work by Staple Goods Collective Members will be on display at the COOP Gallery from July 3 – July 25 with an opening reception on July 3 from 6-9 pm. For more information visit COOP Gallery’s website and Staple Goods Collective website.

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