Posted by: Luke Levenson

Oh, to be in thrall to the atmosphere of Exit/In on a Monday night — sterile floors, musty smells, and a young man singing an old man’s blues onstage.

Last night, the smells were no different, but the five-piece blues band rocking the house certainly had enough moxie to clear the air.

Wake the Sun bursts though the monitors like gunpowder, and they do it without any gimmicks. They dress relatively normally, and they play their instruments loud.

“Our live performance is on a different level from most bands you’ll see,” said lead singer Dillon Mealey. “We start with high energy, and we aim to pin you back on your seat for the whole show.”

Their self-titled EP came out this spring (2015) just one year after the band formed in Long Island, New York. Now, in the midst of the most “professional” tour any of them have ever been a part of, these talented blues-buffs are celebrating their rising fame in the alternative music world.


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