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Judy Klich_Assertion 30x30_300

Judy Klich | Assertion | 2015 | Encaustic on wooden panel | 30” x 30” x 2”

ARTable brings together artists and art enthusiasts for an intimate evening of conversation about the process of creating and experiencing art. Guests will be divided into four groups, and four artists will demonstrate their creative process for each of the groups. The Clay Lady’s Campus provides the ideal setting for the evening with separate spaces for each artist to display their art and set up their own personalized work area and a common area for guests to enjoy food and beverages.

Stephanie Pruitt A Wrinkle in the Matrix 11207

Stephanie Pruitt | A Wrinkle in the Matrix 2015 | Mixed media – foam, cotton and wool yarn, crepe paper, satin

Artists for ARTable 2015 are Tammy Gentuso, Judy Klich, Stephanie Pruitt, and Alice E. Shepherd. In the reception area, local printmaker Bryce McCloud will demonstrate the art of printmaking by printing ARTable 2015 posters throughout the evening.

Self–taught photographer and sculptor Tammy Gentuso will present her Row House Series and show how she combines her two-dimensional and three-dimensional art practices to build whimsical architectural forms. Participants will be asked to graffiti the row house.

Judy Klich will demonstrate the many different ways to create with encaustic using molten beeswax, dammar resin, and pigment. She says, “Encaustic tends to be more about the process because of its uniqueness and versatility, but I want the audience to see past the process and into the soul of creating.”

Poet and artist Stephanie Pruitt will demonstrate how literature is not confined to the two-dimensional page by blending poetry and art in a sculptural bust. She will ask her audience to help make the crowning glory of the busts, the hair, by writing words and phrases on material that will become the sculpture’s hair.

Alice E. Shepherd says she will be cooking with glass! “For many reasons creating a finished kiln-formed piece during the

Alice E. Shepherd | Autumn Glow #1 2015 | Kiln formed glass

Alice E. Shepherd | Autumn Glow #1 2015 | Kiln formed glass

evening’s festivities isn’t practical. So the presentation will be structured like a cooking segment on a TV show. I will have the piece for the auction pre made, show them how the ‘ingredients’ are combined in an abbreviated version of the process, then produce the finished piece.”

At the end of the evening Nashville Arts Magazine publisher, Paul Polycarpou, will auction the four pieces of art made during the evening. A portion of all sales during ARTable will benefit Leadership Donelson-Hermitage. na

The 4th annual ARTable will be held on Saturday, October 10, from 5:30 until 9 p.m. at The Clay Lady’s Campus, 1416 Lebanon Pike. For information and tickets, visit

Tammy Gentuso--RowHouses--Aug2015--2

Tammy Gentuso | Pieces from The Row House Series: Washington D.C., and The Row House Series: San Fransisco 2015 | Soldate clay with underglaze

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