Posted by: Luke Levenson

The David Wax Museum has always had a knack for blending Americana and Mexican folk textures to create a uniquely raw acoustic performance. And with the release of their latest album Guesthouse (released on Oct. 16), fans can rest assured that the band’s signature western sound is here to stay, although the members do have some new musical tricks up their sleeve. On Tuesday Nov. 10 at The High Watt at 10 p.m., The David Wax Museum is set to play a set of songs from Guesthouse.

And even though this is their fifth album to date, frontman David Wax said that they’re always finding new inspiration.

“It’s been a gradual drift away from a traditional folk box,” said Wax. “We’re more comfortable with a whole different array of sonic textures; synth, electric guitar, processed vocals, we’ve been exploring all that.”

With a nationwide tour underway, The David Wax Museum will have plenty of opportunities to try out these new elements in different musical settings, but Wax has faith in what’s to come:

“I think that people look at us and there is a sense that we’re doing something unique, and that resonates with them.”


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