Creative Collaboration Sets Nashville Apart

by Susan Tinney | Tinney Contemporary

In historically renowned creative cities, artists, galleries, and other artistic entities oftentimes collide and compete. Like these other urban centers, Nashville is home to a variety of creatives. In contrast to many art communities, however, Nashville’s artists and arts-centric organizations embrace collaboration that fosters the growth of the city’s fine art scene. While our music community continues to attract national attention and acclaim for its collaborative spirit, several upcoming visual arts collaborations showcase what differentiates Nashville from other creative cities.

In the next few months, Tinney Contemporary will collaborate with a variety of organizations and guests to expand the reach of Nashville’s visual arts community. In April, the gallery will partner with the Nashville Ballet on First Call, an event that will precede the Nashville Ballet’s performance of Carmina Burana at Tennessee Performing Arts Center, which is itself a collaboration. Tinney Contemporary artist Kuzana Ogg’s work will form an engaging backdrop for First Call with delicately layered paintings that feature drips, splashes, and abrasions to create an implied texture. The Nashville Ballet’s decision to hold Carmina Burana at 5th Avenue of the Arts’ partner Tennessee Performing Arts Center reinforces the collaborative spirit of 5th Avenue.

In May and June, as part of its annual guest-curated exhibition, Tinney Contemporary has invited Brian Greif and Tova Lobatz, formerly of White Walls Gallery in San Francisco, to collaborate with them and many of the city’s developers in welcoming a group of internationally renowned street artists to Nashville. Greif and Lobatz’s Tinney Contemporary exhibition will complement Greif’s citywide Nashville Walls project. In a city that continues to develop artistically, shows like this diversify artistic offerings and open up the community to a more modern, urban aesthetic. Greif plans to host a series of private events introducing these international street artists to collectors. Tinney Contemporary continues to foster these types of partnerships and welcomes new opportunities to engage the community.

Kuzana Ogg, Maidyoshahem, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 36” x 60” x 1.5”

Kuzana Ogg, Maidyoshahem, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 36” x 60” x 1.5”

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