Make Music Nashville

Make Music Nashville, Nashville’s premiere community-wide music festival, is now accepting applications from both performers and venues. Make Music Nashville joins over 700 cities and 120 countries worldwide in celebrating World Music Day, an annual event on June 21st, the summer solstice.

Make Music Nashville exists to give Nashvillians of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds a chance to take part in public, cross-genre music-making. Unlike a standard music festival, Make Music Nashville is 100% free and encourages DIY events organized by community members across middle Tennessee. Make Music Nashville has one simple goal: to get free, live, and outdoor music into every corner of Nashville on the first day of summer, reaching as many ears as possible.

In 2015, performances in neighborhoods around the city featured over 70 performers across 16 venues. Additionally, the organization’s mass appeal events brought participants together in unique, group-oriented jam sessions and play-alongs. Last year’s mass appeals included a drum circle, guitar jam, group harmonica lesson, cymbal jungle, and a Sousapalooza brass performance with sponsorships by Fork’s Drum Closet, Hohner Harmonicas, Zildjian Cymbals, Ernie Ball, and Martin guitars.

Make Music Nashville will continue and build upon prior years’ programming with additional outreach events and venues to be announced at a later date.

About Make Music Nashville: Make Music Nashville is an all-day, open-access, free non-profit festival taking place in various neighborhoods in Nashville, Tennessee on June 21st every year. Participation is encouraged from all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Performances feature music from indie rock to bluegrass and everything in between. For more information, visit


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