“It’s so important to remember where you came from. I continue to learn and receive so much from my teachers and community. My thoughts about The Clay Way are expressed by a quote from Brother Thomas Bezanson: ‘Forget what you give, but never forget what you are given.’”

Caroline Cercone

As a parent’s features can be seen in a child’s face, so to can a mentor’s direction be seen in a student’s art. The Clay Lady’s Campus presents The Clay Way, the first ever gallery exhibition showcasing three generations of clay artists. The exhibit displays the works of artists from 21 different states and the expansion of ceramic work in the last century. Curator Julia Whitney Brown invited 16 ceramic artists to present their work alongside the works of their mentors and mentees. From one artist to the next, participants are able to see the influence of the mentor and the development of a personal style in the mentee.

The Clay Way

The Clay Way

The Clay Way will be featured on The Clay Lady’s Campus until June 10, 2016. The exhibition will also be available through a virtual tour on www.theclaylady.com.

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