Woodcuts Gallery and Framing | June 4–30

June 2016

Retired schoolteacher and Clarksville multi-media artist Ludie Amos brings her 82 years of life experience, imagination, attention to detail, and joie de vivre to each of her one-of-a-kind creations. Her handmade dolls run the gamut of life, from quilters (with their own guilts!) to potters, to school bus drivers and soldiers.

Buffalo Soldier-5

Buffalo Soldier, 2016, Fabric and acrylic, 24” x 44”

Ludie crafts stories through her work, allowing her dolls to “communicate” with her, telling her what to name them, the clothing to handcraft for them to wear, the stories they ultimately tell. She uses a variety of materials, including polymer clay for the dolls’ bodies, acrylic paint, fabric, thread, vinyl, and leather. She is able to share, universally, the magic of everyday life, through the clothing, jewelry, accessories, and props that accompany and are an integral part of each piece. She conveys: “I tell a visual story that expresses attitudes and examples of history that are not exact but are true to the essence of this artist’s eyes.”

Woodcuts Gallery and Framing is, for the first time, providing an opportunity for all of Ludie’s work to be seen in one place. In addition to her dolls, One-room Schoolhouse, created from her memory of life as a young girl in Georgia, and Front Porch, a multi-character creation exploring how knowledge is passed through storytelling, will be on display. Ludie’s work has been showcased on Tennessee Crossroads and Talk of the Town, and at Customs House, Atlanta International Museum, and the Indiana Black Expo.

Glimpses by Ludie opens with a reception on Saturday, June 4, from 1 to 6 p.m. at Woodcuts Gallery and Framing, 1613 Jefferson Street. For more information, visit www.woodcutsfineartgallery.com.

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