by DeeGee Lester

An arts explosion in all its forms—paint and glitter, music and dance, poetry and acting—awaits your children at the Kids Arts Festival of Tennessee on Saturday, June 4, 10 a.m. to 3p.m. at Pinkerton Park, 405 Murfreesboro Road in Franklin, Tennessee.

Whether you wish to ignite a passion for the arts within your children or discover and explore ways to create fun-filled, artful summer activities for your family, this unique festival transports art from an adult domain into the inviting and magical world of children.

Hands big and small can take part in the creation of a glass tile mosaic art installation. Curiosity is encouraged through a delightful hands-on encounter at the Instrument Petting Zoo.  The wonder of nature is experienced though Farm Art activities combining the creation of planting pots with the planting of seeds, reminding youngsters of the beauty, design, and nurturing present in the world around them. Meanwhile, the ancient practice of Origami Art captures the imaginations of children through the delicate and intricate Asian art of paper-folding.

Throughout the day and over a variety of activities and displays, children can see the art of other young people, view live, on-stage performances of young dancers, singers, musicians, actors, and poets, or have the unusual experience of exploring art using senses other than sight.

“Ooohhs,” “aaahhs,” happy laughter, and the focused, determined concentration of young artists at work combine to create the ultimate family day while achieving the event goals as expressed by creative member Meaghan Brady Nelson: “The Kids Arts Festival of Tennessee is a one-day festival that will inspire and engage youth in Tennessee to celebrate and experience the arts.”

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