If I ruled the world & For Free

June 2016

by Oni Woods

1st 5 things I would do if I ruled the world:

free the prisoners

erase the debt

open free universities

create truly free media

provide access to fresh food and water where there is none

opening the doors to my mental capital

I would free my mind and my wallet

I could shut down the credit agencies and erase their recordkeeping

empires and fire the umpires of credit score-ology

the trapsetters that hold me in a mental machination

that says I’m never worthy never wealthy

I’d free my mind and shut down the sallie mae’s

and pawn brokers of schoolbooks and frat parties

because we all know true education is

has always been

will always be free

ruling the world

with a gossamer twine

no push no pull

no rush no time

so I run it with a saunter

and we stroll

to a day dawning

for free

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