August 2016

Words by Éva Boros

Photography by Colin M Day

This June ushered in a balmy summer with a second wave of murals for the Nashville Walls Project. Street artists Curiot, Mike Shine, Mars-1, and Tavar Zawacki (aka Above) have expanded Nashville Walls by taking the project to new places.

Curiot 2_4

Artist Curiot

Reaching beyond downtown’s 5th Avenue of the Arts, Mike Shine painted Chuck Berry and Hank Williams onto Carnival Music. The pioneers of rock ‘n’ roll and country now sit across from the historic RCA studio, welcoming the tourists of Music Square. In Germantown, an unexpected collaboration between Mars-1 and Curiot transformed a wall inside the First Tennessee Park into an eye- catching, lucid dream. Both Curiot and Mars-1 have long been fans of each other’s work and were thrilled to share their first-ever collaborative mural with Nashville.


Artists Curiot and Mars-1

Downtown also got more paint with the addition of Tavar Zawacki’s geometric precision. Located just yards away from the calligraffic Johnny Cash lyrics, large arrows painted as if they are peeling from the wall pay tribute to the recent unveiling of Zawacki’s real identity—peeling away his previous moniker Above, reinventing his style, and evolving as an artist.


Artist Tavar Zawacki (aka Above)

Curiot also created a vibrant masterpiece between Rone’s Jane Doe and Herakut’s “best friend.” Dan Maddox, owner of the Cornerstone building, saluted Curiot’s impressive style when he said that “we made an eyesore into something iconic.” Nashville Walls Project is a challenging and inspiring collaboration between diverse industry backgrounds such as sports, property development, music, and art. With its mission of energizing the urban art scene in Nashville, NWP will carry the momentum forward by focusing next on a series of murals by local artists.

Stay tuned!
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Mike Shine_Selects_23

Artist Mike Shine, 24 Music Square West


First Tennessee Park – Sounds Baseball Stadium

Curiot Mural Fin_Selects_1

Cornerstone Building on Church Street

Curiot Mural Fin_Selects_7

Curiot on Cornerstone Building


Parking garage on 5th Avenue between Commerce and Church Streets

Above IMG_3017

Mike Shine_Selects_6

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