September 2016


Walt Schatz

Some people just make you smile. Walt Schatz was one of them. Nothing would please me more than when he would come over to our offices and help us pick the cover image. He enjoyed doing that. He would ask to see the art that was being featured in that month’s issue and he would point out certain aspects of the work and sometimes he would just say, “That’s not art, it’s wallpaper!” We always listened and took note of everything he said because we knew he was usually right. Just standing next to him made us all feel a lot smarter. We learned so much from Walt. He was an ardent art lover and collector and helped support and nurture the local art community in many ways. I feel immensely privileged to have had him as a friend and mentor. It’s difficult for me to write that he is no longer with us; I loved the man that much.

Paul Polycarpou | Publisher

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