October 2016

Tennessee State University through October 28


Run For Your Life, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 40” x 30”

“The reality is that every home is made up of broken people and is therefore a broken home. Divorce, death, and oppression are manifestations of the brokenness that we all bring to our families and communities. The myth is that there are actually homes or families that do not have some level of brokenness,” says Omari Booker about his exhibit Broken Home.

Booker believes that to be broken is a real and natural state, not something to be hidden or frowned on, but something to be understood and even celebrated. His works examine marriage, family, and the effects of oppression in our communities.

Broken Home is on view through October 28 at the Brown-Daniel Library on the main campus of Tennessee State University. An art talk is scheduled for September 30 at noon. For more, visit www.tnstate.edu/library. See more of Booker’s work at www.omaribooker.com.


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