September 7–22

by Seth Schrader

photo 2 from Paint Your Heart Out 2015

The Chestnut Group, a nonprofit group of artists, is hosting Paint Your Heart Out, a series of art workshops taught by professional, nationally known artists. The workshops offer opportunities that would normally be hard to get for most aspiring artists, from learning how to mix colors to basic sketching techniques. The classes will take place in a variety of locations both indoors and outside. A class on color involves a whole day spent outside in the garden while another class on texture takes place in and around the old buildings of Leiper’s Fork. And perhaps most important, all profits from the workshops go towards the ongoing conservation effort to preserve the most beautiful parts of Middle Tennessee. Students get to enjoy the natural world around Nashville while also participating in its preservation.

painting by instructor Anne Blair Brown
It’s no secret that the natural world is altruistic. It continues without appreciation or acknowledgement, always at the edge of our awareness, sending gentle reminders of its beauty. Painted fields in frames sit in hotel lobbies while desktop backgrounds cycle through vista after vista, while the beauty slowly becomes harder and harder to see. The Chestnut Group is offering a chance for artists to slow down the pace of their lives and take full stock of the world around them, to appreciate what normally goes unmentioned and give something back, to paint a reflection both within and without. Guided by artists who have mastered their craft, participants will become both students of art and of nature, improving their art and their environment at the same time. Opportunities like this don’t present themselves every day, and Paint Your Heart Out is a rare chance to slow down and become a student again, like a long exhale.

Paint Your Heart Out offers workshops from September 7 through 22 at various locations. More information regarding specific sessions, artists, and pricing can be found at www.chestnutgroup.org

photo 1 from Paint Your Heart Out 2015

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