January 2017

Photography and Words by John Partipilo

For 35 years, as a photojournalist and storyteller, I’ve turned my lens on people ranging from Hispanic gangs and homeless children to the war in Iraq and images of Cuba.

Homelessness, D.B. Todd and Buchanan St.

With art I always take chances. I aim to tell stories in new ways, always challenging myself and my creativity.

Art and Light, 2016, Broadway and 9th Ave.

What I found was a way to tell stories with line, shape, form, color, and space to create harmony, movement, and balance in my photographs. I also think about photography as if I paint with light. When I see light that resonates with my creative process I get emotional, and those feelings draw me towards making the photograph.

My approach to Abstract Nashville was no different. I trust my eye and react to what appears in front of me. I experiment. I break the rules and look for a new way to see the reality around me.

For more about John Partipilo visit johnpartipilo.com

Music, 2016, 10th St. and Main St.

Earth and Sky, 2016, Charlotte Ave. and 34th Ave.

Crushed, 2016, PSC Metals 2nd Ave. N.

Shelby Park 2016

Pedestrian Bridge 2016

Reflections in Plastic, 9th and Woodland St.

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