March 2017

Last year I was asked to present to the Leadership Nashville group. This is a hand-picked group of Nashvillians who undergo a yearlong immersion into the fabric of our city. They dig deep. What works, what doesn’t, what needs to be changed. The aim is simple—to make Nashville a better place to live for all of us, not just some, but all. My presentation was titled “Use It or Lose It” and took the form of a game for the participants to play. Each was given a certain amount of money and a list of art-related events and venues where they could spend their money. At the end of the game, we saw which institutions survived and which were now out of business. Fortunately, it was only a game. The real world is not quite so forgiving. So as the old Arab proverb says, “If you have two pennies, spend the first on bread and the second on art to feed your soul.”

I love what Katie Shaw is doing over in East Nashville. Her Red Arrow Gallery continues to bring great new art to Nashville. Her latest show with Mary Mooney is no exception. It’s a wonderful exhibit, and I highly recommend that you pay the gallery a visit.

Once again the Frist is right on target with their presentations. The Visitors video installation and the Secrets of Buddhist Art exhibit were enlightening and entertaining. It was gratifying to see the museum packed with visitors. The Irving Penn photography exhibit (see page 42) opens this month, and I will be first in line, penny in hand.

There are lots of changes going on in our art community. Change is good.

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