May 2017

text & photography by Hunter Armistead

Instagram: @hunterarmistead

A Frame of Film,
A Line of Words,
Capture the Creative Culture of Our City

Ashley Boyd-Jones

Multidisciplinary artist, gallery owner, and living room dancing pro


Where did you grow up?

Out in the countryside in Mocksville, North Carolina.

What was growing up in the country like for you?

It was wonderful. I have a most caring family who raised me to experience a lot. We went wild all over our land —riding dirt bikes, tractors, and horses, and swimming in our pond. Dad had a plane and flew us around. For my 16th birthday, he surprised me by flying me in with my friends all waiting for me.

What all do you do creatively?

Film, art direction, styling, a DIY gallery named Sauvage, designing clothes, photography, tapestry, collage, and making mix tapes.

What’s on your mind these days?

All these projects that have been on the shelf for years. I have Hashimoto’s, a debilitating thyroid problem that really slowed me down. But it’s in check now. When I was younger, I thought I was immortal. Now I am all about respecting my body through diet and exercise so it can be the best channel to help people.

What is the one thing you’ve learned you’d like to share with us?

Don’t sit on things for so long. I lost a lot of stuff in a fire I had never showed anyone. Things can turn to dust.

What’s the weirdest job you have held?

I walked miniature ponies on a leash. It was rad.

Give me a fun Ashley fact.

I rode here in Nashville with a moped gang, The Dead Peds. Badassery at 40 mph!

If you could click your heels and do anything anywhere, what would you do?

Be a backup dancer for David Byrne! If I could time travel, I would go back to the wedding where Jesus turned water into wine.

Anything else?

Give flowers and champagne whenever you can.

Follow her on Instagram at @ashleyboydjones.


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