May 2017

Colleen Dowd, Community Volunteer and Art Lover

W.B. “Bus” Romeling, Snow Flurries, Watercolor, 15” x 23”

Colleen Dowd; Photograph by John Jackson

Growing up in Upstate New York, I spent much of the winter cross-country skiing with my family. The winter of 1977 was particularly long, and I easily remember it because Bus Romeling presented my mother a painting of Old Man Winter’s grave with the dates December 1977 – March 1978. My mother and Bus skied together nearly every week that winter.

Bus was a popular artist in Upstate New York because of his beautiful sketches and watercolors of the area farmland, his passion for teaching art, and his delightful personality.

This watercolor is among the first pieces of art I ever purchased. Its peacefulness relaxes me. I love the dark tone of the clouds. This is exactly what the sky looks like before it starts to snow! The rolling hillside reminds me of being blinded in a strong storm and fiercely skiing toward a tree line to find temporary shelter.

I routinely search online for additional Romeling paintings to no avail. It seems like Bus’s artwork is a favorite of many others, too. This is truly one of my most valued possessions.

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