July 2017

With all the fanfare of a major art opening, 21c Museum Hotel opened its doors this past month. Located in a sympathetically renovated building on 2nd Avenue North, the new hotel is a stellar addition to our growing contemporary art scene. The downstairs main gallery features artists from around the world, as do the hallways and guest rooms. Art is everywhere. Even the elevators are adorned with digital art. The exhibits will rotate frequently so be sure to check back often for thought-provoking contemporary art in a unique setting. The gallery is open and free to the public. You can read about it on page 32.

Labyrinth at the American Artisan Festival

Another great addition to the cultural fiber of our city was the return of the American Artisan Festival. Samantha Saturn picked up the torch left by her mother, Nancy, and relaunched this Nashville event. Joining the artisans from around the country was a site-specific installation by California artists Tracy Ginsberg and Theodore Lillie. A giant labyrinth in the shape of a magnolia leaf was erected in the space between the Parthenon and the festival. Walking through the labyrinth proved to be a fun yet meditative experience. The installation really came to life after dark when giant projectors illuminated the structure with time-lapse images of magnolia leaves and the temple ruins in Greece. I loved it; my only regret is that it was there for only two days.

I’m thrilled that a record crowd showed up at Julia Martin Gallery for Jessi Zazu’s opening. Jessi was on our cover last month. She is a talented artist with a lot to say, and I’m glad that Nashville was listening.

It’s going to be a long hot summer. You should buy some art to quench your thirst.

Paul Polycarpou | Publisher

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