August 2017

Principal Photography by Tiffani Bing

Vicki Horne, Amy Atkinson, and Linda Rebrovick at Nashville Wine Auction’s Grand Cru; Photograph by Glen Rose

Nicole Drake and Jayla Jackson at The Arts Company

Hope Stringer and Ira Shivitz at Gallery 202

Laura Nix, Embassy of Australia; Susan Edwards, Frist Center; Elisabeth Bowes, Embassy of Australia; Robert Kaplan; Pam McClusky, Seattle Art Museum; Trinita Kennedy, Frist Center; Richard Townsend, American Federation of Arts

James and Karen Johns and Dixie and Lawrence Armstead at Gallery 202

Kathryn Sherman and Badger at Channel to Channel

Steven Carter, Becky Wiacek, and Jon Krivoshey at The Rymer Gallery

Ashley Davison, Taigan Romain, and Jessica Twadell at The Arts Company

Mandy Ewing at Gallery 202

Artist Marilyn Artus with Curtis Allen and Rana Mukherji at The Arts Company

Julie Horton at Gallery 202

Emily Green and Will Martin at The Arts Company

At Gallery 202

At The Rymer Gallery

Jackie and Rich Dorough at Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church

Danielle Swartz-Koufman, baby Riley Levi Swartz-Koufman and Clifford Koufman at The Rymer Gallery

Christian Reed at Channel to Channel

At Zeitgeist

Carol Evans at Gallery 202

Melvin Toledo at Gallery 202

Ella, Marnie, Matthew, and James Peck at Hope Church At The Rymer Gallery

Mike Calway Fagen at The Packing Plant

Carleigh Thomas, Alysha Malo and Dustin Hedrick at Channel to Channel

Stacy Rector and Carrie Fraser at Tinney Contemporary

Jax and Carolyn Hallowell at Zeitgeist

Jayme Hardy and Austin Wille at Tinney Contemporary








































































































































































































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