December 2017

Endeavor Fine Art

WORDS Catherine Randall Berresheim

Jill Shwaiko, Watching Out for the Birds, Bronze sculpture, 9” x 12” x 5”

Endeavor Fine Art not only features work from internationally acclaimed artists—this gallery offers a full range of artistic services. From consulting and commissioned pieces to custom framing, delivery, and installation, the firm does it all. Owner Brenda Linscott and partner Tige Reeve are master designer factotums.

EFA clientele’s spaces include commercial, residential, and healthcare. “I meet with the designer and architects and become part of the team,” Linscott says. For her, this creative process is like a puzzle in form and function, where only after getting a sense of the customer’s tastes and needs does she begin an art package and floor plan.

“I’m always trying to find the ‘it’ factor,” she continues. The ‘it’ is the combination of elements of scale and spatial relationship. Whether in a home or a hospital hallway, each environment is envisioned from the viewer’s point of perspective, and EFA considers how it will look as they journey through the area and the exquisite art that frames the space. “I want everyone to have an interesting experience—those who work there as well as those who visit there,” Linscott says. “I’m like a conduit between my clients and my artists.”

Didier Lourenco, Brooklyn 2, Oil on canvas, 60” x 48”

Tige Reeve, Reclamation 1, Mixed media on board, 40” x 32”













Sculpture by Tolla Inbar, Emotions, Bronze sculpture with patina, 24” x 72” x 22”; Brenda Linscott; Photograph by Jerry Atnip

Artists represented by Endeavor Fine Art include Tolla Inbar from Germany, Didier Lourenco from Spain, Ray Tigerman from Arizona, bronze sculptor Jill Shwaiko, and Tige Reeve. Endeavor Fine Art is open by appointment.

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