December 2017

Jake Oland

Tracy Mitchell, Joe Smith, and Mitsy Clendenin

Morgan Shaw and Shimshon Racine

Darrell Fulton, Lucy Stolen, and Roger Stolen

Becca, Travis, and Annalise Pommer

Lela Altman

Geoff Fitzpatrick

Richard Heinsohn

Jalisa Sullivan, Adia Tigney, and Clarence Rucker

Hollie Chastain, Chris Bruno, Tiffany Ownbey

Megan Lightell

Carleigh Thomas

Lindsey Baldo, Michelle Phan, and Colleen Berry

Molly Geist

Heather Bond and Cy Winstanley

Sharon Lubovich, Sheryl Spencer and Alan Waddell

Madeline McNew, Brian Biros, and Michael Dickins

Michael R. Grine and Alan Waddell

Darrell Fulton, Lucy Stolen, Tommy Lawson, and Roger Stolen

Madeline McNew and Brian Biros

Louisa Glenn and Devin Goebel

Beth Inglish and Tina Gionis

Greyson, Eric, and Alysha Irisari Malo

Emileigh Potter, Kay Kennedy, and Jonathan Terry

Sarah Conant and Brooke Timin

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