December 2017

by Korinna Gist

Background photograph by Jack Spencer


if i could be like he was, bright and radiant
i’d be the color yellow
i would match the volkswagen bug trailing behind me the sun would beat onto my pastel pigment
i would never see blue again

but like the ghostly footprints i’m following a yellow sense is lifeless to me, unobtainable from my grip

i slept alone last night,
as i have for the past month
but somehow as i reached
my hand over i felt a different
emptiness lying beside me
or maybe that was his spirit still holding on

downstairs i hear my daughter plead for his return her cries fill our house with a blue sorrow

it is now cold out and the snow
falls light like feathers into his rose gold steel home as i stare at his stone engraved name
i feel his love and happiness
i feel yellow
and i pray that god keeps him warm this winter

Korinna is a senior at the NSA Theater Conservatory and Southern Youth Advisory Board member. Learn more at

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