January 2018

Principal photography by Tiffani Bing

Carol L. Saffell

Dan Lucas, Kelly Harwood, and Marilyn Lucas

Deb and Neal Havener

Emma Arms, Jocelyn Smith and Kristina Smith

Jaclyn and Jeff Ledbetter

Aimee Stubbs

Kelsey Oesmann and Lucas Onan

Lauren Cierzan, Melissa Fuller, Cass Teague and Emma Supica

Jennifer and George Lasezkay

Lauren Markham and Jake Trot

Nancy Smith and Gregory Flittner


Ana Brickowski, Ashley Metivier, and Drew Ford

Phil, Lisa, and Jillian Savage

Stephanie and Dustin Carpenter

Tonya Langley, Latashaja, Sky Webb, Emilee Langley

Vicki Shultz, Emma Shultz, and Aliah Tayyun

Jonesy and Cynthia Hofstetter; Photograph by Hunter Armistead

Ana Lisa Matthews and Chandra Adkins

Eric Parker and Hannah Wells; Photograph by Hunter Armistead

Andy Harding

Anita Powell and Nelia Kimbrough

Lynn and Ron L. Samuels; Photograph by Dane Carder

Ashley Segroves and Ian Ross; Photograph by Madge Franklin

Anne Goetze, Anton Weiss and Lanie Neal; Photograph by Dane Carder

Larissa Maestro; Photograph by Hunter Armistead

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