February 2018

Principal photography by John Jackson

Photographer Devi Sanford speaking about her work for Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary; Photograph by Lyndy Rutledge

Winterim Harpeth Hall students at Tinney Contemporary

Billy and Makenzie Cartwright at Tinney Contemporary

Jerry Fink and Edie Maney at Tinney Contemporary

Molly Horstman and Carol Mode at Tinney Contemporary

Jon Buko at The Rymer Gallery

Margaret Powell at The Rymer Gallery

Sepi Rhansari and Jesse Bellamy at The Rymer Gallery

Christopher and Zoe Jones at The Rymer Gallery

Bradley Rath and Kalee Smyth at The Rymer Gallery

Avery at The Arts Company

Margaret Hood and Kriste Johnson at Blend Studio

Vesna Povlovic and Celeste Jones at Zeitgeist

Franny Levin and Nate Barnes at Zeitgeist

At Zeitgeist

Patrick Nitch and Sara Lee Burd at Zeitgeist

Derrick Meads, E.C. Gerety-Crippen and Kevin Gerety-Crippen at David Lusk Gallery

Candice Mills and Tim Crowder at David Lusk Gallery

Alexandra Jo Sutton and Carriga Camp at COOP Gallery

Hali McCurdy and Marshall West at Julia Martin Gallery

Heather Magann, Briana Burt, and Sydney Johnson at Julia Martin Gallery

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