March 2018

by Alysha Irisari Malo

Alysha Irisari Malo is an interdisciplinary visual artist, poet, and curator. In addition, she and her husband, Eric Malo, are the Co-Founders of CONVERGE, a community of creatives who collaborate on interdisciplinary projects that have a positive social impact. Learn more at and


Background photograph by Alysha Irisari Malo


Twin deer
locked in an embrace.
Legs extended,
ankles positioned to fit together like puzzle pieces,
tied together with twine.
Fur ruffling in the wind,
at sixty miles an hour.

Mirror eyes
don’t make contact with one another. Were you strangers or sisters
at the end?

Underneath the bodies,
a low, red wagon
covered in a thin sheet of dust putts along,

camped in the fast lane.

As I pass
I glance into the front seats
and spy a cigarette
barely held between two lazy fingers,

smoldering end
peeking out of the cracked window.

Pharmacy store glasses and stained wrinkles on one,
trucker hat worn high on the crown

of the other, mouths puckered by distaste and time on both.

The destined consumers.

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