April 2018

Principal photography by John Jackson

Abby Campbell at Blend Studio

Josh Evington, Amelia Briggs and Ross MacArthur at David Lusk Gallery

LaRon Golden, Carah Lockett, Angelia Lomax, Netta Dobbins, Mallory Crawford, Antonia Stevenson, and Steven Young at The Arts Company

Peter Mansour at The Rymer Gallery

Scott Marquart at CONVERGE

Artist Bart Mangrum at Studio 66

Janie Wright and Ryan Johnson at Julia Martin Gallery

At David Lusk Gallery

At The Rymer Gallery

Roger Clayton, Stephen Watkins and Michael Nott at David Lusk Gallery

Giro Gabayoyo at The Browsing Room Gallery

Shawn Clark and Elizabeth Browne at CONVERGE

Amia Butler at The Arts Company

Crystal Strickland at Julia Martin Gallery

Wesley Butler and Michael Wayne Tyler at Zeitgeist


Megan Wing and Nick Smrdel

Brittany Lassiter and Whitney Hallberg at The Rymer Gallery

Makayla Lewis at Tinney Contemporary

Lauren Lindsey and Rachel Morgan at The Rymer Gallery

At Zeitgeist

Olivia Keaggy, Hansell Smith, Dylan Rowe at WAG

Nashville Ballet’s Professional Company at Ballet Ball 2018; Courtesy Karyn Photography

At mild climate

Jenna Stebbins and Lara Horton at Open Gallery

Bill Schumm and Olasubomi Bashorun

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