April 2018

Wendi K. Powell, Graphic Designer

Wendi Powell; Photograph by Jerry Atnip

About twenty years ago I took a painting class with Greg Decker and this painting was hanging in his studio.

Over the years, it has not been far from my mind. Several months ago I decided I wanted something dramatic and bold in my living room, and thus began my quest to own this painting. It now covers an entire wall as if it was custom made for that space.

I often find myself gazing into Spring and getting lost in its beauty and details. I love how Greg places the human form in a mystical landscape. Oftentimes the humans are morphing into something else; many times they are playing music or falling in love, and they are always living in harmony with the animals. It is truly magical.

I have long been a fan of Greg’s work and am proud to own several of his paintings. Honestly, there are days when I have to pinch myself to believe that Spring is mine! I look forward to enjoying this piece for many years to come. Do yourself a favor and get familiar with Greg’s work. I can guarantee that you will become a fan also!

Artist Bio: Greg Decker

Greg Decker is a professional representational painter who lives and paints just outside of Nashville, taking much inspiration from the landscape. A prolific painter of “mythic” figuration, he paints landscape and still-life themes as well and has been active for thirty-five years.

Greg Decker, Spring, 1992, Oil on canvas, 9’ 8” x 12’ 6”

An “adventurous symbolist” painter, he worked as a teaching artist in NYC for twelve years, teaching with MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art before relocating to Nashville to teach his own workshops.

A documentary film about his work by Nashville filmmaker David Poag is currently in the process of completion.



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