April 2018

Thursday, May 10 Franklin Theatre Doors

Doors Will Now Open at 7:00 p.m.

Show Begins 8:00 p.m.



Model: Senni Bloom

For more than two decades the O’More Fashion Show has been a launching pad for student designers and groundbreaking talent. Over the years, the runway has served as a centerpiece for original designs that are cutting-edge in terms of style and technical execution.

On May 10, the show enters a new venue and a new era as the historic Franklin Theatre hosts the annual O’More Fashion Show before the college merges with Belmont University.

The 2018 show will feature the collections of O’More’s senior class. It will also continue a longstanding tradition of collaborative efforts. Sophomores and juniors will present designs created with NaiaTM, a fiber engineered by Eastman Chemical Company, a Tennessee-based Fortune 500 enterprise. And the show’s opening act, contemporary dance group New Dialect, will perform in costumes designed by O’More students.

Be there for an entertaining and historic evening on Main Street in Downtown Franklin and see how design has the power to transform lives.

For additional information, please contact Kate Oliver at O’More College of Design at koliver@omorecollege.edu. To purchase tickets, go to www.omorecollege.edu/ fashionshow.

Ashleigh Cain

Revival of the Fittest

I found inspiration for my collection from my surroundings. I have lived in Tennessee my entire life, and I let the roads guide my creativity. I wanted my designs to be linear and geometric like the pavement and signs on a highway. But in Tennessee, if you look beyond the road, there is much more to see. These past few years, I have spent countless hours on country back roads trying to find my inspiration. I incorporated organic colors and textures to capture the nature seen along these roads. I not only wanted to capture this scene through my designs; I wanted to literally use nature as well. The fur used in my garments is collected from roadkill; the leather is made from salmon skin; and my textiles are hemp, peace silk, and wool. I wanted to give new life to the animals I found and give them a new purpose. I was transfixed by the way something that brings people disgust could be transformed into something unexpected.

My collection was created from my surroundings, but now that my garments are complete, I can see that they came from me, too: a little quirky, somewhat futuristic, and mildly confusing.

Sydney Duncan

Sacred Nature

I most often find myself inspired by connectivity, especially the marriage of opposites. There is a compelling beauty in juxtaposition, whether that be in human relationships or in art, and it is a theme which I am compelled to highlight. Sacred Nature intends to provoke thought, as it questions the current societal perspective on the relationship between spirituality and sexuality, and femininity as a whole.

Model: Chloe Henderson

Elaborate hand embroideries paint stories across sheer textiles and form fitting silhouettes, the soft color scheme and delicate fabrication jarred by heavy and direct imagery, creating a contrast that is still surprisingly gentle. My collection has the intention of inspiring its viewers to step out of their peers’ influence and to consider what is sacred to them, personally, and what exactly that means to be sacred. It strips away the over-sexualization surrounding femininity and presents it in a truer light of beauty and creativity, highlighting the intricacies and complexities of womanhood, as well as the purity within sensuality. Even more than that, these pieces are my own vulnerability actualized, as a woman but also as a human constantly torn between the search for personal truth and the weight of expectation, conflicted, as it seems we all are, by this unquenchable desire for intimacy, too often extinguished by fear of rejection.

Sacred Nature is an invitation to risk being seen for your raw beauty.

Macy Harmon

A/W 18

“Design is not only a field of interest, but the wheels that keep the world turning.”

I have always strived to find balance—the balance between strength and weakness, elaborate and dull, loud and silent, concentration and distraction. In this collection, I have found balance in all of those things. It’s essential that I continue to strive for equilibrium wherever tomorrow leads me—being stagnant in this world is not an option. I desire to elevate the expectations of design. Design is not only a field of interest, but the wheels that keep the world turning.

Model: Julia Bedeaux

My collection stems from my interest in culture, technology, and contemporary architecture. There is a plethora of sources I desired to utilize, and businesses to support, both across the world and in my community. I developed relationships with textile suppliers in Japan, and sourced most of the fabrics in my collection from their beautiful mills, and I worked with a local manufacturer in Nashville to execute the 3D pieces that accompany my garments. Although my inspiration as a designer changes on a consistent basis, I hope to always push new and innovative ideas into the world. The following quote from Socrates is one that has resonated with me more than most, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

I am truly thankful for the people and places that have allowed me to begin my career here in Nashville, and I am ecstatic to continue my journey of learning here.


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