May 2018

Principal photography by John Jackson

Photographers Alan Messer, John Partipilo, Will Jordan, and Bill Steber at O’More College of Design; Photograph by Carl Lambert

Alycia Pride and Latrell Wiggins at The Rymer Gallery

Artist Jaq Belcher at Tinney Contemporary

Abby Sparkman and Ryan McCabe at The Arts Company

Jennifer Lawson at The Arts Company

Artist Sarah Shearer at The Browsing Room

Nozomi Takasu and Etsuko Takasu at Blend Studio

M. McCullough and L.R. Marios at The Rymer Gallery

Antonisha Mcintosh and Jay Johnson at Dane Carder Studio

Jamina Jackson and Noah Carder at Dane Carder Studio

At Davis Lusk Gallery

Candy Bradley at David Lusk Gallery

Kyle Hamlett, Kelly Diehl and Karen Seapker at David Lusk Gallery

Dylan Ruff at Zeitgeist

Carleigh Thomas and Aliyah Allen at Zeitgeist

Carleigh Thomas at Zeitgeist

Cori McGuirk at mild climate

Alexis Grigsby, Matt Christy and Adam Nicholson at COOP Gallery

Blake at Channel To Channel

Adam Charney at East Side Project Space

Thomas Das, Elizabeth Wynne and Richard Martin at Julia Martin Gallery

Artist Olivia Leigh Martin at Julia Martin Gallery

Michael Shane Neal and Everett Raymond Kinstler at Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery; Photograph by Peggy Kintsler

Rachel Wayne at Julia Martin Gallery

Everett Raymond Kinstler and Eddie George during painting demonstration at Sarratt Cinema; Photograph by Kristi Irving

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