May 2018

Centennial Park | May 12

WORDS Amanda Dobra Hope


Art as well as myths, often serve as metaphors for our lives. Sometimes they are so closely related, they begin to intertwine. Though art is a more visible part of our popular culture, myth exists all around us, in the stories we tell and in all the ways we grow as humans. “Myth helps us see things in a bigger framework,” says Amanda Cantrell Roche, co-founder and dancer with Nashville’s Blue Moves Modern Dance Company. “Myths are still very much real. It’s not just Greek and Roman mythology; they’re stories that guide us,” adds long-time company member Valerie Hackworth.

On May 12, in collaboration with their sponsors, donors, partners, and Metro Parks Cultural Arts Division, Blue Moves will present Myths: Connecting Universal Experiences at Centennial Park. The performance will begin with a free outdoor walk-through experience in three areas of the park and conclude with a ticketed performance of four works inside the Centennial Performing Arts Studios.

In the outside experiences, the themes presented will range from multi-cultural representations of how humans related to myth from Paleolithic times until today, interpretations of what may happen to your soul when it leaves your physical body, and how to understand your past, future, gateways, and doorways through the myth of Janus.

On your way to the inside performance, a thought-provoking mural depicting The Hero’s Journey will be presented, and guests will be invited to share thoughts and feelings of their own hero’s journey. The inside performance pieces consist of a blend of modern and jazz choreography that will explore themes of what happens when the fine line between religion and myth is crossed; the character traits we develop that lie dormant until later in life; the rise of the phoenix and its integration into its environment after death and rebirth; and the distortion and evolution of myth, similar to a game of telephone.

Prepare to be transformed as you allow Blue Moves and their artistic collaborators to guide you on a journey to how myths influence your own life and how you can look to them to help make sense of it. As Roche explains, “[A myth is . . .] the Road of Trials, what’s preparing you for the road ahead. Myths help us to make sense of all of that. They’re the connecting thread across space and time.”

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