May 2018


I love rainy days. As a matter of fact, it’s raining right now, and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to go out and play in the rain. I wasn’t always like this until I realized that it was a wonderful time for making pictures. I would call it an exercise in mindfulness.











It happened one day while I was out shopping and got caught in a cloudburst. While braver folk exited their vehicles and ran or just sauntered for the shelter of the store or eatery, I, the coward, decided to wait it out. As I sat listening to the rain hitting the windshield, I realized that a whole new world was taking shape before my eyes. It was almost like looking through a giant kaleidoscope. Colors, people, and buildings were transformed by the splashes, rivulets, and large raindrops hitting the windshield. The car became a huge camera, and the wet windshield became this unusual lens, and I was sitting in this dark camera.

I found that a whole new world was unfolding before me. Everything seemed to be in a state of flux. Colors splashed. People became elongated and half disappeared. The ambiance of light changed from moody to sparkly to subdued.

The amazing thing about this whole experience is that it has always been there, just waiting to be discovered.











In a way it’s a little scary because, being 90, I know how quickly the years go by. On the other hand, when you keep discovering new realities, life becomes more than living. You just have to step out into it. In the process, you might get a little wet—but that’s life.

Oh, did I tell you? I used my iPhone for the series.

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