May 2018

The Only Story: A Novel

Julian Barnes

The Only Story is not just a novel, it is an austere portrait of the human heart. Paul and Susan, nineteen and forty- eight respectively, begin a love affair that changes their lives. In this beautiful, sweeping novel of a single love story, Julian Barnes masterfully weaves a tale of memory and how a first love inevitably changes your life.

Elvis, Strait, to Jesus: An Iconic Producer’s Journey with Legends of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country, and Gospel Music

Tony Brown

Chances are, you’ve had at least one of Tony Brown’s hits stuck in your head. This coffee-table book is a rare look into the life and work of the iconic Nashville music producer, with gorgeous photographs of musicians coupled with stories from his life and of his legacy. Any music lover will want to make a place in their home for this celebratory tribute!

Love and Ruin: A Novel

Paula McLain

Martha Gellhorn is known mostly for her relationship with Ernest Hemingway. A heroine who has been lurking beneath the surface of our history, Gellhorn is at last the star of her own breathtaking novel by the queen of historical fiction, Paula McLain. Don’t miss Paula McLain at a Salon@615 on May 14 in conversation with Charles Frazier, author of the new novel Varina.

The Museum of Lost Art

Noah Charney

Museums are often considered the safest space for humanity’s most notable treasures, but over the centuries, like all things, works of art have succumbed to theft, war, natural disasters, and myriad attacks and schemes. Bestselling author Noah Charney has collected the stories of art lost in these dynamic circumstances and collected them in their own museum: The Museum of Lost Art.

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