June 2018

By Sydney Bozeman

This summer, Cheekwood is hosting their newest art exhibition: Cracking Art. Based in Milan, Italy, Cracking Art is an “artist collective born out of the intention to radically change the history of art by investigating the relationship between natural and artificial reality.” On view through September 2nd, the exhibition will inhabit the gardens and mansion at Cheekwood.

The Kissing Wolves

By utilizing reusable materials, Cracking Art’s signature installations portray massive-scale animals made out of vividly colored plastics. The artists manually create the first prototype that serves as a mold for the production in higher quantities. Because they keep these structures hollow, the artists are able to use a minimal amount of materials while still illustrating a striking effect on their audience. Since 1993, there have been four hundred installments of Cracking Art. After an exhibition is over, the works are shredded and the plastic is recycled to create new works.

The Bear

In the Cheekwood Mansion, artist Kicco has placed these synthetic animals in personified environments. He has intentionally placed the orange bears in a study around a table of art books to portray the illusion and wonder of childlike reading. Kicco has also meticulously hot-glued small alligators in patterns on the walls around a much greater-scaled red ‘gator to give the presence of power.

The Frogs

The Alligator; Photograph by Sydney Bozeman

This exhibition serves as an ethical reminder for us and conveys a message about the unavoidable future: that the natural world will fade into the artificial. The installations hope to inspire the community to support the recycling movement in order to preserve fragile ecosystems

Cracking Art at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens will remain open until September 2nd. Learn more at www.cheekwood.org/calendar/cracking-art.

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