by Nicole Leonard

Last week the Frist Art Museum debuted the newly renovated Martin ArtQuest Gallery featuring activities focused on communication, creativity, and critical thinking for all ages. The fresh, art-deco inspired creative space includes some new stations while still maintaining some old community favorites. The museum improved painting, printmaking, and drawing stations located at the center of the gallery. In addition, a shadow theater, a 16-foot interactive Everbright color-changing wall, a weaving installation, a digital painting station, and a sound pattern station are all now open to the public.

Photo courtesy of the Frist Art Museum.

The updated gallery responds to growing community interest in shared learning and growing prominence of social media. The idea behind this stems from a research study by Family Learning in Interactive Studies which found that sensory learning activities with hands-on interaction are preferred for spaces dedicated to appreciation and education about the arts. A dynamic approach to art fundamentals remain the focal point of the museum’s Martin ArtQuest Gallery.

Anne Henderson, Frist Art Museum director of education and community engagement and Samantha Andrews, Frist Art Museum assistant director for experiential learning, were in charge of the gallery’s renovation.

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