July 2018

Photography by Michael Nott

Herb Williams at The Rymer Gallery

Teresa Shaffer and Charles Shaffer at The Rymer Gallery

John Jackson at The Rymer Gallery

Danya Moiseev and Aimee Liu at Tinney Contemporary

Jason Levkulich at Rogue Gallery 77

Pennye Brown and Audrea Rovar at The Rymer Gallery

Valerie Levkulich at Rogue Gallery 77

At The Arts Company

Chris Gowen at The Rymer Gallery

Amber Bryant and Eb McKinney at The Rymer Gallery

Ashley Wilson at The Rymer Gallery

Kim McMullin and Matt McMullin at The Rymer Gallery

Jenny Lewis and Zoe Lewis at The Rymer Gallery

Artist Amy Lansburg at The Arts Company

Carla Ciuffo and Angela McLoughlin at The Rymer Gallery

James Perrin at Tinney Contemporary

Rebecca Lines and Katherine Morgan at Tinney Contemporary

At The Rymer Gallery

Afona Irabor and Lynda Peter at Mary Hong Gallery

Tia Blanton at Mary Hong Gallery

Danielle Bloom, Morelia Cuevas, Cass Teague, Crystal Stewart, and Shelly Mullins at Mary Hong Gallery

Courtney Rogers Perrin at Tinney Contemporary

At Tinney Contemporary

Guy Gilchrist and Mary Hong at Mary Hong Gallery

Tara Stone Gill and CK Stone at Zeitgeist

Bethany Finch at Zeitgeist

Scott Osterbind at Channel To Channel


Berlin Arguello and Anne Elise Hastings at CONVERGE

Mary Love Richardson and Ben Richardson at Julia Martin Gallery

David Onri Anderson at The Packing Plant

Jerry Waters and Marleen De Waele-De Bock at The Rymer Gallery

Amelia Crouch and Mito Face at Channel To Channel

At Zeitgeist

Sarah Longenecker and Lindsay Walker at Julia Martin Gallery

Giles Clement and Zeiss at Julia Martin Gallery

Erica Whitney Wilkes and Anna Pugh at CONVERGE

Harry Kagan, Bradley R. Marshall and Lauren Bright at Zeitgeist

Micaela Johnson and Jasmen Hooker at Zeitgeist

Mary Muller and Lorin Roark at Channel To Channel

Billy Martinez Street Painting

Miranda Tidwell and Jordan Samiere at Julia Martin Gallery

Lea Brainerd and Andi Whiskey at The Rymer Gallery

At Watkins Art Gallery

Cory Dugan, Aimee Lewis and Roger Clayton at COOP Gallery

Sophia Gordon at COOP Gallery

Todd Hoote and Esther Freeman at COOP Gallery

Becky Rodriguez and Jonathan Holder at Channel To Channel

Shea Gabrielle Holofcener and Taite McKinney at The Arts Company

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