July 2018

A Place for Us

Fatima Farheen Mirza

Whether your summer plans involve reading on a beach, in a hammock, or tucked away in a cabin, you’ll want to have this book in your hands. A Place for Us is a novel that traces the lives of an Indian-American Muslim family, the events that bring them together, and choices that tear them apart. It’s the book of the summer, and you can meet Fatima Farheen Mirza and get your book signed at Parnassus Books on July 11!

Modernists and Mavericks: Bacon, Freud, Hockney and the London Painters

Martin Gayford

An immersive look at modern British painting from World War II to 1970, this book examines the intertwined lives of many artists, including Francis Bacon, David Hockney, Bridget Riley, and more. Rendered in stunning brushstrokes of language, this book will transport you to one of painting’s most exciting moments in history.

People Only Die of Love in Movies

Jim Ridley

Jim Ridley, beloved Nashville Scene editor and American film critic, lives on through his brilliant essays and reviews. People Only Die of Love in Movies contains nearly 100 pieces of his best. Organized by genre, it will speak to anyone with a love for film, art, and music. While Nashville lost Jim Ridley, his brilliance will continue to influence our city through his voice on the page.

Word of Mouth: More Conversations

Lily Clayton Hansen

Celebrate Nashville’s dynamic, one-of-a-kind community with a second volume of Lily Clayton Hansen’s interviews and portraits. The first volume of Word of Mouth has inspired art exhibits, features, events, and countless forays into the art of conversation, and left us wanting even more! Meet Hansen and start a conversation at Parnassus Books on July 19!

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