August 2018

Photography by Michael Nott

JR Arostegui and Mandy Arostegui at The Rymer Gallery

Steve Holladay and Riley Holladay at Blend Studio

Anna Mireles and Yanet Mireles at David Lusk Gallery

Rebecca Gailey and Emily Duchac at David Lusk Gallery

Bulli Carter and Simone Kleopatra at Julia Martin Gallery

Hannah Kroeker and Cassidy Cole at The Arts Company

At Watkins Art Gallery

Olasubomi Aka-Bashorun at DBO Gallery

Cynthia Brewer at The Rymer Gallery

Curtis Thomas and Sharyn Bachleda at Zeitgeist

Kim Barry at DBO Gallery

Richard Davis and Elaine Davis at The Arts Company

Chelsea MacDowel and Jackson Haley at Tinney Contemporary

Jacob Moore at COOP

Kosmo Vinyl at The Rymer Gallery

John Paul Kesling and Cariad Harmon at David Lusk Gallery

Megan Elsier at COOP

Ashley Layendecker, Megan White and Carrie Hull at Open Gallery

Shannon McLaughlin and Madisson Clarry at The Arts Company

Rosemary Soloman and Abbey Cox at Channel To Channel

Brianna Bass, Kay Kennedy and Ashley Layendecker at The Packing Plant

Joe Clemons and James Perrin at Tinney Contemporary

Bryce McCloud, Evan Holder and Julia Jackson at Zeitgeist

Eric “Mobe” Bass and Ty Christian at The Rymer Gallery

Nina Thomas, Erin Schumacher and KJ Schumacher at David Lusk Gallery

Angela Naglieri and Kristin Lagan at Zeitgeist

Heather Dawn and Kristi Hargrove at Watkins Art Gallery

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