August 2018

My Favorite Painting

Mary Grissim, Curator, Arts at the Airport, Grissim Group Consulting

Artist Bio: Randy Moberg

Randy Moberg, Untitled, 2005, Oil on canvas, 36” x 36”

Randy Moberg, based in Fairhope, Alabama, is known and commended for his oil paintings and drawings. Born in California, Moberg and his parents returned to Mobile, Alabama, where Randy grew up and enlisted in the Navy for four years of engineering training. It was only after, when Moberg was encouraged by his counselor to take a drawing class at the University of South Alabama, that he began to take his passion and talent seriously. In 1998, he graduated with a B.F.A. in Painting and a minor in Drawing. Soon after, he began exhibiting his paintings, which showed his unique style of abstracting traditional figurative subjects.

The painting by Randy Moberg, from Fairhope, Alabama, is a piece of art I find myself looking at over and over again and seeing something different. I’m drawn to the color and the movement of the painted subjects. I swear the guitar players change positions, and depending on the light in my house on any given day, the colors change. The artwork is not static. The thing I love most about this painting is Randy’s use of light. There is just a touch of light on the top of the musicians’ hats and on their backs that makes them look alive. It is subtle, but it makes the whole painting seem real. My eye is always drawn there, looking for that little speck of light.

I met Randy almost twenty years ago when he first started showing his work in Nashville. We became friends. I had the opportunity to visit him in his studio and watch him paint. He is an intuitive painter, unpretentious and honest in his work. Randy has a true creative spirit and is always looking for the next best way to express himself through painting, drawing, and sculpture. This painting is one of my favorites because aesthetically it pleases me, but also because I know Randy and consider him a friend. 

Mary Grissim; Photograph by John Partipilo

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