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644 West Iris Drive, Nashville, TN 37204 Tel. 615 383-0278

All editorial requests: info@nashvillearts.com

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615 383-0278

Letters: We encourage readers to share their stories and reactions to Nashville Arts Magazine by sending emails to info@nashvillearts.com or letters to the address above. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length and clarity.

Advertising Department

Sam Jaco

All sales calls: 615.383.0278, or email sam@nashvillearts.com

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644 W. Iris Drive

Nashville, TN 37215

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40 Burton Hills Boulevard

Nashville, TN 37215

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Paul Polycarpou – President


Paul Polycarpou – Editor and CEO

Rebecca Pierce- Managing Editor, rebecca@nashvillearts.com

Wendi Powell – Graphic Designer

Madge Franklin – Copy Editor

Linda Dyer – Antique and Fine Art Specialist

Jim Reyland – Theater Correspondent

Contributing Writers

Cat Acree, Jennifer Anderson, Emme Nelson Baxter, Beano, Ronnie Brooks, Rachel Carter, Walter Carter, Marshall Chapman, Bob Doerschuck, Michael Dukes, Catt Dunlop, Susan Edwards, Sara Estes, Holly Gleason, Lily Hansen, Robert Hicks, Stephanie Stewart Howard, Bill Ivey, MiChelle Jones, Veronica Kavass, Susan Knowles, Linda Leaming, DeeGee Lester, Jesse Mathison, Joe Nolan, Karen Parr-Moody, Joe Pagetta, Sally Schloss, Molly Secours, Justin Stokes, Daniel Tidwell, Mary Unobsky, Lisa Venegas, Jerry Waters, Wendy Wilson, Tony Youngblood, Erica Ciccarone, Jesse Mathison, Martin Brady, Mark Scala, Marshall Chapman, Rachael McCampbell, Joseph E. Morgan, Megan Kelly, Gracie Pratt, Annie Stoppelbein

Contributing Photographers

Jimmy Abegg, Jerry Atnip, Hollis Bennett, Joshua Black Wilkins, Lawrence Boothby, Sophia Forbes, John Guider, John Jackson, Rob Lindsay, Anthony Scarlati, John Scarpati, Bob Schatz, Tamara Reynolds, Brett Warren

Web Development / Design

Curt Perkins  @  www.electricavenuenashville.com

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