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644 West Iris Drive, Nashville, TN 37204 Tel. 615 383-0278

All editorial requests: info@nashvillearts.com

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615 383-0278

Letters: We encourage readers to share their stories and reactions to Nashville Arts Magazine by sending emails to info@nashvillearts.com or letters to the address above. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length and clarity.

Advertising Department

Sam Jaco

All sales calls: 615.383.0278, or email sam@nashvillearts.com

Business Office 

644 W. Iris Drive

Nashville, TN 37215

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Paul Polycarpou – President


Paul Polycarpou – Editor and CEO

Rebecca Pierce- Managing Editor, rebecca@nashvillearts.com

Wendi Powell – Graphic Designer

Madge Franklin – Copy Editor

Linda Dyer – Antique and Fine Art Specialist

Jim Reyland – Theater Correspondent

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